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Kathrine & Louise both have an exciting year ahead. Kathrine is getting so busy that she  has decided to go full time with her flower business.  Louise has some new exciting new developments this year. More details later. Keep upto date with their blogs or sign up for the monthly  Newsletter

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Ignore - Ignore - Ignore the Label

Posted by manorbarnyork on March 4, 2019 at 6:10 AM Comments comments (0)

We have all heard of Vanity Sizing and it continues to amaze me. My job would be so much simpler if everyone was happy with the size reference on an item of clothing and oh my Lord if all designers cut garments to the same size chart, Bingo my job would be a doddle.

A person's body image is an important source of self esteem (Smeesters, Mussweiler, & Mandel, 2010). This is especially prominent among women, approximately 50% of girls and young women report being dissatisfied with their bodies

Some clothing companies have found a simple way of transforming a size-8 woman into a size-6: ‘vanity sizing,’ a strategy used by many clothing companies today.

Whilst you may not see any change on the scales, dropping a dress size can simply be a case of exploring different brands.

In most cases, manufacturers are not adhering to sizing systems at all. Instead, every manufacturer has their own system and brands use this freedom to give themselves a competitive advantage and with this we’re witnessing the rise of ‘Vanity Sizing’.

I doubt we will see any sort of consistency in sizing labels any time soon as adhesion to a standard sizing system is still entirely voluntary. For now, the only real numbers you should worry about are the ones on the price tag because ‘size’ really doesn’t matter.

So my advise is “Ignore Ignore Ignore” the reference number on the label, all sizes vary, all designers cut garments differently, it is so important to wear a dress which fits you regardless of sizing references, and believe me it really is just a reference number.

Louise x

Kathrine Quiet Month

Posted by manorbarnyork on February 9, 2019 at 3:25 AM Comments comments (0)

Well, January has gone with its cold snap and grey days, February has only two weeks to go...the bulbs have started to appear and the days are getting longer.

It can only get better..

These last two months in the horticultural and flower calendars are quiet, a time to reflect over the last year and look forward to what this year may hold.

Having said that, we have had a few projects.

We were asked to do an arrangement for a Valentine photo shoot for Maxwell Scott bags, this was a treat as the brief was for an arrangement based on the old master paintings, one of my favorite styles.

The depth of colours and flower shapes that can be chosen is endless. So I thoroughly enjoyed bringing this arrangement together.

It was great to be asked and be involved with the promotion of such a lovely product. I love the photographs with the bags, and the article about the meaning of flowers.

I was however a little daunted by the prospect of being featured in the journal 'a day in the life....of a florist'

but it definitely made me think.....

We also were asked to do some flowers for the De Grey Rooms for their new brochure, but we haven't seen the photographs for this yet, looking forward to those....

Wedding inquires are starting to come in, we are planning the flower plot, and I am looking forward to being able to concentrate fully on Fleuradamo, spending more time focusing on growing a good selection of flowers and foliage to add to our designs.

We are looking forward to being at some new wedding fairs this year at Hawkhills and Jervaux (see details on the website) and being involved this year with York Fashion Week which runs from 25th -31st March.

Henri is getting some new seats and having his inside spruced up, ready for the new season, so you will see him out and about with flowers and at plant sales (for Springfield's nursery) in the coming year.

Kathrine x

Louise But my friends wearing RED !

Posted by manorbarnyork on January 29, 2019 at 7:40 AM Comments comments (1)

But my friends wearing Red !

There are very few times in your life when you get to wear a truly glamorous, jaw-dropping dress. Your prom night one is one of those times with a beautiful, flattering, perfect prom dress?

But how to choose, so often I hear but my friends wearing Red so I can’t, what will my friends think of me in this dress?

What is truly important is how you feel in a dress, I must say this hundreds of times a year and every time I do, I genuinely mean it. “but sweetheart I could put you in dozens of dresses and you are going to look fabulous, but only you know which dress makes you feel incredible, the best you have ever felt in a dress”.

We want all our lovely girls to go to prom feeling amazing, the biggest compliment anyone can give you is, “you look fabulous”, not “that’s a nice dress” and girls that comes from confidence within and a mahooosive smile.

So here’s my two tips.

Embrace your individuality, we are never going to look like another person, but we can embrace our utter individuality, it is what makes you beautiful.

Be less judgemental of others, the world may tell you you should be in competition with others, but judging other girls appearance will only cause you to doubt your own.

Prom is an evening you have been waiting for, before you graduate into the real world, the last and THE BIG NIGHT, of your high school life. And, easily the best day (night) you have planned so far.

It’s your time to shine, rejoice, make memories, share experiences, so concentrate on the dress WHICH MAKES YOU FEEL AMAZING.