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Ignore - Ignore - Ignore the Label

Posted by on March 4, 2019 at 6:10 AM

We have all heard of Vanity Sizing and it continues to amaze me. My job would be so much simpler if everyone was happy with the size reference on an item of clothing and oh my Lord if all designers cut garments to the same size chart, Bingo my job would be a doddle.

A person's body image is an important source of self esteem (Smeesters, Mussweiler, & Mandel, 2010). This is especially prominent among women, approximately 50% of girls and young women report being dissatisfied with their bodies

Some clothing companies have found a simple way of transforming a size-8 woman into a size-6: ‘vanity sizing,’ a strategy used by many clothing companies today.

Whilst you may not see any change on the scales, dropping a dress size can simply be a case of exploring different brands.

In most cases, manufacturers are not adhering to sizing systems at all. Instead, every manufacturer has their own system and brands use this freedom to give themselves a competitive advantage and with this we’re witnessing the rise of ‘Vanity Sizing’.

I doubt we will see any sort of consistency in sizing labels any time soon as adhesion to a standard sizing system is still entirely voluntary. For now, the only real numbers you should worry about are the ones on the price tag because ‘size’ really doesn’t matter.

So my advise is “Ignore Ignore Ignore” the reference number on the label, all sizes vary, all designers cut garments differently, it is so important to wear a dress which fits you regardless of sizing references, and believe me it really is just a reference number.

Louise x

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